How We Can Help

Equine Physiotherapy

Horses can suffer with a variety of musculoskeletal issues and conditions which can affect performance and potentially lead to lameness. It is often these issues can go unnoticed or you may find the behaviour of your horse has changed or you're noticing a loss in their performance. With the variety of work we ask our horses to do, it is advisable that your horse is checked regularly by a Chartered Physiotherapist. Identifying and treating these issues early will help towards your horse working to is best. Where there is a happy horse there is always a happy rider.

Canine Physiotherapy

Dogs are unable to tell us where the pain is and are clever at hiding their discomfort. As a dog owner, we become more aware when ‘something is not right’. Our dogs can suffer with fractures or soft tissue injuries which can be treated with rehabilitation, or other conditions which may require a longer management plan such as hip dysplasia or arthritic joints. A Chartered physiotherapist can work alongside your vet to aid in the treatment of many conditions. Whether your dog is just a pet, show or working dog, they will benefit having supple joints and strong muscles. Some dogs may also benefit a course or Hydrotherapy treatment. We can advise on the best type of hydrotherapy for your dog and recommend centres in your area.

We also offer conventional physiotherapy assessments and treatment sessions. We treat many musculoskeletal conditions and can provide a rehabilitation programme best suited to each individual. Offering Clinical Pilates assessments and exercises which can be run as group sessions or on an individual basis. We recommend you leave at least an hour for your appointment where we will discuss your medical history and present issues along with a thorough physical examination.

For all general enquires or to arrange a booking, call Lindsay Kirton today on 07961 786 480. Covering Leeds, Bradford, and all surrounding areas.